How to prepare for your first meeting

​At Sage, we take a holistic look at retirement and ask important questions as part of the retirement planning process. Questions like "when do you want to retire?", "what would you like to do in retirement?", "Where will you live?" etc. 

You may or may not have the answers to these questions, but it is a good idea to start discussing what your retirement will look like so we can help you get there.

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Wills and Estate Planning

Having worked all your life to live a comfortable retirement and build up a strong legacy for your family means nothing if you do not have a proper estate plan in place. And there's more to estate planning than simply writing a Will.

We can help ensure your legacy is protected and your wishes met upon your passing.

Click here for a practical
guide to help you plan your
legacy and protect your wealth.


Filling in a budget planner will allow you to work out where your money is going and how much you can realistically afford to save.

As a rule, try to save 10-20% of your annual net income to ensure you have enough money for emergencies.

Then continue saving the same amount for shorter and long-term goals.

click here to fill in this quick budget planner 

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Top Tips On Claiming Your Pension

Finally! You are ready to retire, claim the pension and look forward to ticking off your bucket list adventures. Now we all know that dealing with Government applications are rarely straight forward and you could break a leg getting trying to get through the red tape assault course.


However, we’ve got you covered. Here are our 7 top tips to help you get on ahead of your application and get the money you deserve.


How long will your money last in retirement?

Find out exactly how long your money will last in retirement and how you can protect your income and assets to make your wealth fund go further.


Book a free one-hour financial health check and secure your financial future with a customised wealth creation plan.




Value in paying for financial advice

Choosing a retirement specialist is important if you want to get the most out of your retirement fund.


But is the money you pay in service costs worth it?


Find out how much money you are losing by going it alone!


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Super- All you need to  know

Did you know that super is just a tax strategy for holding investments?


We take the mystery out of super and educate you on making your money work for you


We also assist you with running and setting up your Self-Managed Super Fund.


Click here for answers to your frequently asked Super questions 


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