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Reinventing Retirement

We know that many of you are busy raising kids, building careers and paying off mortgages. You’re quite a way of retiring and retirement to you may well mean something completely different than for your parents. The image of people retiring in their mid-60s and spending their days pottering around the garden no longer fits.

You’re revaluating and reinventing your life for this new chapter. Maybe you will go back to university, start a new relationship or buy a retirement home?

Maybe you will still work but change the way that looks. Perhaps you will reduce your hours or stay connected as an active committee member. You might start a consultancy business or pursue your passion project for the next stage of your life.

Here at Sage, we understand you want to embrace and live a meaningful life. Your aspirations are to live your best life and not be dictated to by the retirement stereotypes.

Whatever retirement looks like to you, we’re here to help. In these times of unprecedented global and personal uncertainty, the worst strategy is to do nothing. It’s never been more important to have a retirement strategy in place and yet, despite concerns they won’t have enough money for retirement, most people take no action whatsoever to resolve to fix this issue.

We’re trying to teach our kids to be flexible and prepared for an uncertain future but we’re failing to take our own advice.

No-one knows what the future holds but there’s merit in a flexible financial retirement plan that you revisit frequently. This will take you in the right direction today but ensure you’re best placed to make the most of new opportunities and deal with life’s curveballs. Your plan will change as your life does and that’s just fine, so long as you keep on top of it.

Give us a call and arrange a free, no-obligation review of your finances.

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