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Is your Seniors Card working for you?

Sage would like to share with you Norma’s short but fruitful story.

She took the time to write to John Elders (her Financial Planner) thanking him for questioning whether she was taking full advantage of her Seniors Card. After seeing advice and looking at the benefits her Seniors Card offered, Norma saved $150 on her vehicle registration. But it went much further than this …

Norma's Story

Hi John,

Regarding my recent discovery that I can apply for a pensioner concession on my vehicle registration:

I went on the website at and  located and printed out an Application for Concession Form, which requires the normal personal details including Drivers Licence number, Seniors Card number, and Pensioner Concession Card number and start date. This form, and the relevant cards, must be taken in, in person, to a Dept of Transport Licencing Centre for submission. Approval of this application covers vehicle registration and drivers licence.

Concession entitlements must be applied for prior to the payment of the vehicle licence renewal, otherwise full payment is required.

Because I had been unaware of the availability of Transport Concessions, I had been paying the full amounts for registration and driver’s licence since obtaining my Pensioner Concession Card three years ago. While at the Licencing Centre, I was invited to fill in a further form – an Application for Refund – and the amounts owed to me by Transport will be forwarded to me by cheque. 

My current vehicle registration concession was $150.00 off the normal 12 month amount of over $700.00.

I attended the West Perth Licencing Centre and would recommend it to anyone. Parking is easy, and the centre isn’t crowded like the suburban centres. The officer who attended to me couldn’t have been more helpful and efficient.  I was in and out of  there in about 15 minutes.

Happy happy.



Thanks from Sage

Norma on behalf of everyone at Sage, thank you for taking the time to write and share your experience.  Please call us on 08 9445 2955 if you would like more information on how you can maximise your savings

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