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Financial Advisers; Are they worth their fees?

Updated: May 6, 2020

A recent analysis by leading financial group Russell Investments found that quality financial advice can add as much as 4.4% value to your investments, every year!

This surpasses adviser costs considerably. Russell Investments Australian Managing Director Jodie Hampshire says “the vast majority of advice clients, benefit from quality advice” and that “financial advisers have never been more valuable in Australia”

Separate research by Sunsuper revealed that ¾ of people who received financial advice had peace of mind and it helped them better prepare for retirement.

AustralianSuper Chief Executive Ian Silk also encourages member engagement to ensure members reap the full benefits of salary sacrifice contributions.

In short, our psychological conditioning has begun to hinder our potential to seek financial advice to help build our wealth fund.

Realising this will avoid common pitfalls and enable you to take advantage of the knowledge and experience that is out there.

Let us show you how we can create greater outcomes for your investments than if you go it alone.

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