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Life Stages

Where are you at?

Wealth creation is essential if you want to live the life you dream of. Sage creates tailor-made financial plans to suit your current lifestyle and future financial security.


Our highly skilled team of advisers are qualified to advise you on the financial development of each life stage and will work alongside you to create a plan that works for your ultimate lifestyle, university, or trust fund dream.

There are important life stages that require attention if you want to secure your future lifestyle, and it all starts with the right planning...right now.



Set Myself Up

This is the most crucial stage, quite simply because taking that first step means you are serious about making your money work for you, as opposed to only working for money.

Research has shown that getting professional financial advice from a young age, is a crucial step to financial independence and long-term wealth creation.



Grow & Protect My Wealth

Our highly experienced  Advisers will create a tailored financial plan to suit your finances, family life and long-term life goals.


Once you’re set up, you can grow your wealth by building your financial portfolio through several investment option outlined by our advisers.


This a vital step towards preparing your retirement and protecting your funds.


Preparing for retirement

It is our priority to help you get financially ready for retirement AND mentally and emotionally prepared too.  We offer holistic retirement planing advice.


We ask you to deeply consider what you want your retirement to look like, what your purpose in retirement will be and how you will spend the next 20 to 30 years.


We can then offer a complete solution so you can 'Retire Well'

Post Retirement

Enjoying retirement

One of the biggest fears of retirees is running out of money. We are living longer than ever before and you can expect to live 20 to 30 years in retirement.


"What government benefits can I access?" "How will I cover aged care living costs?" "Will my retirement income keep up with the cost of living?"

Our Advisers will create an income stream and solutions so you can enjoy your retirement with confidence.



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Establish Your Path To Financial Freedom Now...

...and pave the way for a comfortable retirement


Financial and emotional preparation is the only way to live well in retirement. Here at Sage, we create tailor-made  solutions to suit your current lifestyle and future financial security. Whatever stage you are in life, we will work with you to prepare, grow and manage your money so it is waiting for you when you need it.


Throughout your life stages, there are certain strategies you can implement that will maximise your investments, minimise tax and offer confidence, peace of mind and financial security.  

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